Little Badger
  • The Team at Little Badgers Early Learning Programs believes that very young children are extreme learners of life.  They are learning to be social beings, becoming aware of their emotions, gaining cognitive skills, and developing physically.

  • We believe children learn best when they are given guided freedom to be and do in learning environments planned for and prepared for their developmental abilities.

  • We believe even very young children have the ability to use self-control and self-regulation as well as to appreciate orderliness. They have the ability to respect others, respect indoor and outdoor environments and respect themselves.

  • We believe children deserve to have and function the best under gentle, consistent guiding and caring. The Little Badger team believes that each child is a unique individual and deserves to be cared for unbiased. Each child deserves and requires support as they experiment with and experience growing up. 

  • We believe that all children have the right to be happy, be treated fairly and have an abundance of fun and laughter in childhood. 

  • We believe children deserve respect, friendship, and protection.


"My children come home daily with new facts they have learned and they are very eager to share their new knowledge."

"As a parent, it is so important to drop my kids off and feel that they are in a safe and loving environment."

"The program provides plenty of outside time and the children are fortunate to explore nature on the surrounding land."